vision, mission


By 2025, Bidiphar will be in the top 5 leading pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam, specializing in providing high quality products and services, serving community health care.


Health care – Sharing joy

Create products and provide high-quality services that are most suitable according to the treatment and health care needs of people, share the joy with partners and customers, and ensure the interests of shareholders.

Core value


As the foundation for all activities, the solidarity of members in the common roof of Bidiphar is the strength that unites the collective into a block, creating the overall strength for the common successes of the Company.


Perform work with your best efforts to successfully complete the assigned and assigned tasks.


Dedicated to each product, dedicated to each customer. Always try to bring all your strength and wisdom to solve work effectively, ready to overcome all difficulties and challenges to achieve the set goals. Always act for the benefit and development of the company.


Being oriented in each job, constantly creating, improving and improving efficiency on the basis of bringing values and benefits to the company, customers and the community. Creativity makes the difference of Bidiphar.


Responsible for their work, words and actions to contribute to the company’s mission. Each member of Bidiphar always upholds its responsibility to products, customers, partners, shareholders, employees and the community.

Best regards

Every Bidiphar employee must always respect. Respect the work, respect the product, respect the customers, partners and respect the colleagues. This is self-respect.

Motto of Operation

Quality - Efficiency - Satisfaction customers