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Over the past 40 years, Bidiphar has constantly brought to the market quality product lines and considers it the highest commitment to affirm its reputation in the Vietnamese pharmaceutical market. On the journey “Health care – Sharing joy for the community”, Bidiphar has had proud milestones.

Bidiphar received the National Quality Gold Award

Since the early 1990s, Bidiphar has launched Berberin product extracted from bitter gourd, which has left a big mark on the market for its effective treatment of intestinal diseases.
In 1992, Bidiphar successfully researched and manufactured an injectable antibiotic product line. This success is not only Bidiphar but also of Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry when for the first time a domestic pharmaceutical company can produce this special product.
In 1997, successfully produced pharmaceutical form of Infusion Solution of Antibiotics, Vitamins and Amino Acids. This breakthrough has broken the monopoly of foreign pharmaceutical corporations, contributed to stabilizing prices in the market, helping Bidiphar rise to become the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise in Vietnam with a line of special treatment products. mainly used in treatment facilities.
In 2003, Bidiphar continued to affirm its pioneering position in applying advanced preparation technology to launch a line of lyophilized injection products. With the same treatment effect as imported products, this product line has become the first choice of doctors and treatment facilities across the country. In particular, with the values ​​brought, Soli Medon 40 and Oraptic 40 lyophilized injectable products were honored to be awarded the title of “Vietnamese drug star” by the Ministry of Health – this is an example, continuing to affirm Determine the quality of Bidiphar’s products in the journey to carry out the mission of healthcare for the community.

In particular, in 2010, Bidiphar made a big splash in Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry when it became the first enterprise to successfully manufacture cancer drugs with the introduction of Bocartin 150mg. By 2016, with the production line of cancer drugs meeting GMP – WHO standards and continuing to launch a series of other products such as Lyoxatin, Bestdocel has affirmed Bidiphar’s leading position in the field of pharmaceutical products. manufacture and supply cancer drugs in Vietnam. Up to now, with nearly 40 different cancer drug products, Bidiphar has made it easy for cancer patients to access this special drug with the same quality as imported products. Socioeconomic.
In addition to pioneering in product research, Bidiphar is also at the forefront of IT application. In 2005, Bidiphar was the first Vietnamese pharmaceutical enterprise to apply the world’s advanced total resource management system SAP – ERP to support production and business activities. The implementation of this application has helped Bidiphar to plan, exercise control and make timely decisions and solutions, helping the Company to develop sustainably.
Currently, Bidiphar continues to research, invest, and transfer technology with partners who are institutes, universities, and large pharmaceutical corporations in the world to be able to produce a number of special treatment product lines with high technology. , advanced dosage form. These product lines will make a difference to help Bidiphar compete and continue to develop steadily in the coming time.