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To take care of the community’s health with products from clean medicinal origin with high content of active ingredients, Bidiphar – Binh Dinh Pharmaceutical has invested in a herbal medicine area of more than 75 hectares according to the standards of Good Cultivation and Harvesting Practices. medicines of the World Health Organization (GACP – WHO).

In 2015, Bidiphar implemented the project of Growing clean medicinal herbs according to good practice standards of cultivation and collection to create a product chain to improve the value of medicinal herbs (GACP-WHO) in An Toan commune, An Lao district, Binh Dinh. The birth of the project helps Bidiphar to be completely proactive and control the source of clean medicinal herbs, regardless of the source of medicinal herbs collected naturally or imported. At the same time, the project helps to conserve and sustainably develop national natural resources, contributing to improving the quality of medicinal herbs and herbal products. The birth of the project also contributes to the restructuring of crops, creating jobs and improving the economic life of local workers, especially ethnic minorities.

The project consists of 2 main parts

Center for research and processing of medicinal herbs

This is the place to store and develop genetic resources of natural medicinal herbs; Applying advanced technology in selecting, domesticating and developing medicinal plant varieties typical for subtropical climates, providing high quality and high yielding medicinal plant varieties for production needs. medicine. Study the technical process of growing, processing, extracting medicinal herbs and essential oils in accordance with GACP-WHO principles.

Plantation area
medicinal herbs

Deploying planting on a large scale according to the researched process.

  • >75 ha The area of Bidiphar medicinal herbs area is more than 75 hectares.
  • 1.200 m Grown at an altitude of 1,200 m above sea level.
  • 28,3 oC Maximum average temperature: 28.3 oC.
  • 17 oC Minimum average temperature: 17oC.
  • 70-75 % Air humidity in dry season.
  • 85-90 % Air humidity in rainy season.

Medicinal growing area

residential area separation