About Us

About Us

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prestigious pharmaceutical company 2021


  • Production and trade of pharmaceutical products, medicinal herbs, pharmaceutical and medical equipment.
  • Manufacture, trade and installation of refrigeration equipment, sterilized cooling air supply systems, oxygen and  nitrogen supply systems for health services. Repair, maintenance of equipment, machines,  instruments in the   fields of medical and pharmaceutical production.
  • Drug analytical services, consulting services in quality assurance management in pharmaceutical production. Providing services in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Manufacture and trade of agricultural and forestry materials. Growing and processing of products from short and long term industrial plants.
  • Wood product processing. Purchase and sale of agriculture and forestry products, handicrafts.
  • Trade of chemicals, vaccines, immune biology, insecticide and disinfectants in the field of medical, cosmetics.
  • Production of glass vials and tubes in pharmaceutical industry and consumption.
  • Processing and mining of mineral 


Bidiphar is proud of being a leading pharmaceutical company in Viet Nam with many production lines meeting the international standard WHO – GMP. 
Non-Betalactam production lines
  • Powder for injection
  • Lyophilized powder for injection
  • Injectable solution, dialysis solution
  • Eye drop.
  • Liquid preparation for oral use. Liquid medicine for external use, ointments, creams.
  • Tablets, film-coated tablets, sugar-coated tablets, effervescent tablets, hard capsules, powder drugs, granules,  effervescent granules
  • soft capsules
  • Suppository
  • Powder, granules, probiotic tablets.
Beta lactam production lines
  • Powder for injection
  • Tablets, film-coated tablets, hard capsules, powder, granules. 
Bidiphar is currently producing and marketing nearly 100 products in Viet Nam classified into 19 therapeutic groups 
  • Antibiotics
  • Antifungal and antiviral drugs
  • Diabetic drugs
  • Analgesic and antipyretic drugs
  • Anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs
  • Drugs for muscle – bones – joints
  • Antihistamine – anti allergy drugs
  • Eye drops
  • Cardiovascular drugs
  • Nervous system – brain circulation improvement drugs
  • Digestive system – liver drugs
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Hemodialysis solution
  • Endocrine hormones
  • Drugs for external use
  • Anticancer drugs
  • Supplements


Bidiphar is proud of being Vietnamese pharmaceutical company having forward steps and being a pioneer in research, applying new technology in administration, production and business.
  1. The first Vietnamese pharmaceutical company studies and produces injectable antibiotics (in 1992)
  2. The first Vietnamese pharmaceutical company studies and produces continuous infusion of antibiotics, vitamins  and amino acids (in 1997)
  3. The first Vietnamese pharmaceutical company studies and applies lyophilization technology (in 2003)
  4. The first Vietnamese pharmaceutical company studies and produces anticancer medications (in 2008)


  1. Good manufacturing practice:  GMP-WHO
  2. Good laboratory practice:  GLP
  3. Good storage practice:  GSP
  4. Good distribution practice:  GDP
  5. Good pharmacy practice:  GPP
  6. International quality management system:  ISO 9001:2015


Recognizing the importance of human resources to the company’s survival and development, Bidiphar creates good working conditions for workers, especially high qualified and skilled workers, who have long-term commitment to the company. Therefore, the remuneration policy for employees is critical to Bidiphar and it is continuously improved. In Bidiphar, workers benefit from clear policies of salary and bonus. The company does pay attention to set up the suitable salary, bonus and benefit payment system based on clear rules in each period and each stage of the development to ensure flexibility, fair. This is proportionate to individual’s dedication and competition in the labor market. 
  • 100% staff participates in social insurance and health insurance.
  • Enough labour protection, uniform and frequent quality improvement.
  • Arranging traveling, holiday and annual events in culture, sport, art for workers.
  • Policy for 13th month bonus salary, holiday bonus, bonus in overtime, creative and technical innovation reward,  extraordinary reward …
  • – The outstanding teams and individuals will be commended and rewarded timely based on their contribution. The year-end competitive awards are given to teams and individuals according to the company’s regulations.
  • Caring for the material and spiritual life (gifts for wedding, illness, family events, scholarships, international children’ day, mid autumn full moon, international women’s day …)
Bidiphar has human resource policies for the permanent employees, dedicated employees having qualifications, abilities, impressive achievements in work. Employees who are highly appreciated by the board of manager will have chances to be trained higher specialized and management knowledge to manage the operations of the company in the coming years. 
Besides, the company is also focused on recruiting highly qualified personnel who are capable of long-term work for the company. The company has preferential policies for these people such as providing good working environment, facilitating the knowledge exchange, designating important missions with attractive income and outstanding promotion opportunities.  


Bidiphar considers the development of high quality human resources as the survival and development of the company in the market economy. With the goal of improving the specialized knowledge of human resources, Bidiphar has been setting up staff training programs.
At bidiphar, every single employee is trained to improve their specialized skills to ensure that all employees can accomplish their mission.
  • Employees are regularly trained in GMP and ISO to realize and understand each stage in the pharmaceutical  production.
  • The sales and marketing staff are regularly trained communication, marketing and sales skills
  • The technical staff is provided specialized training such as postgraduate education, master and phD degree in Viet Nam and abroad. 


In addition to business development, Bidiphar is always aware of its responsibility to the society. Every year, Bidiphar holds realistic programs for the community and society:
  • Giving support to poor people, policy families and contributing to the encouragement fund, the gratitude fund and the defense security fund.
  • Constructing houses and caring the whole life of Vietnamese heroic mothers.
  • Organizing the voluntary blood donation program “Bidiphar – every single blood drop is a heart”
  • Providing free medical examinations and medications to poor people and people in flooding, natural disaster  areas.
  • Giving support to social charity organizations, society, victims of the herbicide dioxin agent orange, disable children and elderly …


Bidiphar fully realizes that the manufacture and business activities more or less affect the surrounding environment such as dust, exhausted air, noise, waster water, and rubbish … Therefore, to prevent and minimize the negative effects on the environment, bidiphar strictly implement international environmental standards in pharmaceutical production and business activities such as GMP, GLP, GSP, GDP, GPP, ISO. Bidiphar always emphasizes on hygiene, industrial waste treatment, water resources quality control complying with pharmaceutical industry standards and regulations as well as the environmental protection regulations, achieving the limit targets of Vietnamese standards. Besides, the company always aware of the important of fire safety and has practice to be ready to respond whenever occurring problems.