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We are proud to be a Vietnamese pharmaceutical company that has made strong and steady progress and is always at the forefront of research and application of the latest technologies in management, production and business according to international standards. Bidiphar is the only domestic pharmaceutical company that has experience in advanced manufacturing such as oncology medicine.

With the current goal of upgrading 4 factories to EU GMP standard, Bidiphar is a reliable partner to foreign companies such as Japan’s Kyorin Rimedio pharmaceutical corporation, a member of KYORIN Holdings – a corporation specializing in research, manufacturing and distributing pharmaceuticals and medical and health care services was established in 1923 with annual revenue of about 1.1 billion USD.

Currently, Bidiphar is increasingly asserting its brand name by actively exporting and well received in many countries around the world, mainly focusing on the Asian and African markets. In the coming time, Bidiphar will continue to invest in improving product quality, expanding export channels and delivering Bidiphar products to all over the world.


  • Address: Km 4, 13 South Street, Kang Village, Pakse city, Champasak Province, Lao PDR


  • Address: Mongolia – Ulambator, Bianzurkh Duureg I-R Khoroo, 12-R Khoroolol, 22-R Bair.17