Cancer – the sooner you know, the better you treat it


People used to think of cancer as an unforeseeable illness, and once it comes, instead of finding the right solution from hospitals, they look for the folk remedy until the body gets worse. It is incorrect, as the sooner you get to know about cancer, the better you are going to treat it
Doctors will help you figure out the syndrome, verify the stages then decide the useful treatment. The standard methods are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The skilful combination between those methods and a new method – targeted therapy result in a better cancer treatment
Surgery: people are often haunted by the fear of surgery which leads the cancer cell to grow faster. But the proper surgery is the best solution for many types of cancer, especially when it is combined with other methods. The surgeons operate less wide: breast-conserving surgery by removing the breast tumor associated with postoperative radiotherapy; avoiding colostomy after rectal cancer surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is used to carve out a tumor by moving tubes to gut, lung, prostate or bladder.   How comfortable it is!!!
Radiation therapy: Radiation (X-ray and Gamma radiation) damage malignant tumor. Now,  Beam Radiation Therapy has more marvellous effects. The beam is generated outside the patient by a machine called a linear accelerator (External Beam Radiotherapy), Simultaneously, radiation source is delivered inside the patient to target at the tumor site in short distance. More precise radiation delivery means less damage to nearby healthy tissues.
Chemotherapy: Chemo sweeps through body seeking out and kills any cancer cells floating undetected elsewhere in the body or metastases. More abundant cancer drugs are,   more effective chemotherapy is. Hormone therapy supports effectively for prostate cancer and breast cancer.
The targeted therapies have strong growth: people have discovered many gene mutations (oncogene) related to many cancer diseases. It helps to target oncogene precisely to attack.
Điều trị ung thư
Treatment result is calculated by the 5-year survival rate. It refers to the percentage of patients living at least 5 years after being diagnosed with cancer. In this group, there are many patients living more than 5 years and some are still alive. The early detection of cancer improves the chance for good treatment and vice versa. Liver cancer has 25 % survival rate in 5 years when cancer cells do not spread, 10% when spreading to the organs near the liver, 3% when having distant metastasis. Lung cancer (with no small cell) has 50% survival rate when cancer cells do not spread, 4% when having distant metastasis. The early detection of gastric cancer gets better result with 70%-40% survival rate, 4% with distant metastasis. Prostate cancer has more positive result, 90-95% survival rate, 30% with distant metastasis. Breast cancer and cervical cancer easily have good diagnosis.

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