BinhDinh Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company (BIDIPHAR) announces: Convert from A limited liability company to a joint stock company.


Implementation of Decision No. 3439 / QD-CTUBND date 11/20/2013 Chairman of BinhDinh on approval equalization plan BinhDinh Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment and resolutions of shareholders’ meeting established BinhDinh Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company (BIDIPHAR) dated 26.02.2013. 

From 1stJanuary 2014, BinhDinh Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company (BIDIPHAR) officially operated according to new form, with the details as follows: 

1. Name of company: 
Abbreviation: BIDIPHAR

2. Headquarters: 498 Nguyen Thai Hoc , QuyNhon City, BinhDinh Province 
Phone: 056. 3.846500              Fax: 056. 3846846 
Website:   Email: 

3. Business registration certificate with number 4100259564 by BinhDinh Planning and Investment Department issued 01 March, 2014.
4. Fields of business: 
– Manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medicinal herbs. 
– Wholesale of pharmaceutical, medicinal herbs; tools, equipment health care sectors. 
– Retail sale of pharmaceutical products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. 
-GSP Services; Pharmaceutical Quality control services. Management consulting services to ensure quality in drugs production; Providing services in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing. 
– Processing of milk and dairy products. 
– Production of functional foods, dietary supplements, fortified foods and micronutrients, Production of salt Iodine. 
– Purchase and sale of milk and dairy products, functional foods, dietary supplements, fortified foods and micro- nutrients. 
– Purchase and sale of medical equipment. Purchasing, installation of office equipment.  
– Purchase and sale of chemicals, vaccines, immune-biological products, chemical pesticides and disinfectants in the medical field. 
– Production vases, glass pipe used for pharmaceutical industry, consumer. 
– Freight transport by road. 
– Rental Service of factory, warehouses, offices. 
– Repair, maintenance, maintenance of equipment, machinery, tools in the field of medical and pharmaceutical production. 
– Production, sale and installation of refrigeration equipment, the system provides cold air sterilization system that provides cells oxygen, nitrogen serves the health sector; Production, sale and purchase of agricultural materials and forestry; Growing and processing plant products from the short-term and long-term; Production and processing of wood; Buy and sell agricultural and forestry products, handicrafts; Mining and mineral processing
5. Capital: 268.627.000.000VND (in words: two hundred and sixty-eight billion six hundred and twenty seven million Vietnam Dong) 
6. Members of the Board of Directors: 
Mr.: Nguyen Van Qua Chairman, Chief Executive Officer. 
Mrs.: Pham Thi Thanh HuongVice President, Deputy General Director. 
Mr.: Nguyen Thanh Giang Board member, Deputy General Manager. 
Mr.: Huynh Ngoc OanhBoard member,Deputy General Manager. 
Mrs: Nguyen Thi Mai HoaBoard Member, Chief Accountant. 
Mr.:  Nguyen Van ThinhBoard member. 
Ms.: Nguyen Thi Mai AnhBoard member. 

7. Supervisory Board Member: 
Mrs:  Huynh Ngoc Bach Phuong     Head of Committee
Mr.:  Nguyen Ngoc Dung                Member. 
Miss:  The Phuong Mai                  Member

8. Legal representative: 
Mr. Nguyen Van Qua General Manager. 
BinhDinh Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company (BIDIPHAR) inherits all the rights and obligations of BinhDinh Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment under the provisions of existing laws.

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