Bidiphar won “ASEAN Typical Corporations” award and “ASEAN Excellent Business” cup in 2011.


The ceremony awards of “ASEAN Typical Corporations”, “ASEAN Top Popular Brand Names”, “ASEAN Business Excellence cup” were hold in Vientiane, Laos on July 16th.
Binh Dinh Pharmaceutical And Medical Equipment Company (BIDIPHAR) was honorably awarded for being one of the top “ASEAN Typical Corporations” and Mr. Nguyen Van Qua, Executive Diretor – Chairman of the Board was proudly awarded with “ASEAN Business Excellence” cup in 2011.
The awards were jointly hold by Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Association Of Medium And Small Enterprises, The Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia Association for Economic Cooperation Development together with Laos Ministry of Industry and Trade and Laos Ministry of Culture in order to honor, to encourage the association of corporations, talent and excellent business to have more contribution to the common prosperity and to promote the development of economy and friendship in the area. 

As one of the key enterprises in pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam, not only focusing in developing domestic market, BIDIPHAR is also one of the peer companies to export products and to invest in other ASEAN countries. In Laos, BIDPHAR has also invested and developed efficiently; highlighted with BIDIPHAR Rubber Joint Stock Company with more than 3000 ha of products which is about to exploit, CBR Pharmacy Joint Venture Company found in 1994 with 80% BIDIPHAR’s capital is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Laos. Moreover, BIDIPHAR has always actively joined the community activities to share and to help the poor, difficulties in Laos.
Bidiphar won "ASEAN Typical Corporations" award and "ASEAN Excellent Business” cup in 2011.
Bidiphar won "ASEAN Typical Corporations" award and "ASEAN Excellent Business” cup in 2011.

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