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Mời thầu: Mua sắm thiết bị dập viên – Rotary tablet press machine


Dear supplier Rotary tablet press machine,

My Name is Do Duy Khang,
I’m in the project management department of Bidiphar company
Bidiphar respectfully invite suppliers to participate in bidding for the package: Rotary tablet press machine:
– Document release time: From 11:00 A.M on July 08th, 2024 to before 9:00 A.M. on August 08th, 2024.
– Closing time for receiving bid documents: 09:00 on August 08th, 2024.
– Time to open bid documents: 09:30 on August 08th, 2024.
– Information that needs to be clarified will be sent to the contractor via email:
– Content:
      + Supplier checks each request in the URS and confirms (Yes/No) directly on the attached URS file provided by Bidiphar
      + Supplier needs to confirm and classify and evaluate the deviations between the URS and the device’s specifications (the supplier must fill in the required form. The deviations are large or serious, it will be Bidiphar confirmed before conducting technical evaluation).
        (02.URS Justification_Confirmation_Vendor_v1.0)
      + Equipment price list (including technical documents and quotes)
       (03. Summary report_vendors_v01)
      + Sign and seal NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT and send it before July 13th, 2024
        (04. NDA)
– Bid submission form:
Submit via: or
We invite you to participate in bidding for Rotary tablet press machine.
Best regards!


00. Letter of offer

04. NDA



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