Monday, 01-18-2021
Bidiphar- Pharmaceutical factories have achieved GMP-WHO standard; Laboratory system has achieved GLP standard; Pharmacy Storage system has achieved GSP standard; Distribution system has achieved GDP,GPP standard; Quality management system has achieved ISO 9001: 2008; Bidiphar's products are voted as Vietnamese high-quality products by consumers for many years
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In addition to  pharmaceutical products, Binh Dinh Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipments Joint Stock Company (Bidiphar) also manufactures and sales Medical Equipments. Since 1995, Bidiphar has specialized in distribution, maintenance and repair of modern, high quality machines and equipments of reputable manufacturers in the world.

Over more than 18 years of construction and development, Bidiphar has provided, installed hundreds of advanced equipment systems of the world for Hospitals, Health Centres and Clinics nation-wide. Besides, with a skillful and experienced team of engineers, Bidiphar has provided quality, on-time and efficient maintenance services to our customers. Bidiphar always take "Quality - Efficiency - Customer satisfaction" to serve and grow. 

With experience in the field of Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment, Bidiphar has studied, fabricated equipments for the pharmaceutical as well as medical industry such as distiller, washing machine, dryer, steamer. In addition, Bidiphar also supplies, installs of modern,  single-purpose medical machinery and equipment systems such as central air conditioner systems, clean gas supply systems for operating rooms… supplies over 3,000 medical consumable items, including the exclusive imported products such as Bidiphar Gloves... 

The main products and services of Bidiphar Medical Equipments including: 

 The items produced by Bidiphar: 

    • Water distiller from 100 – 1000 liters/h. 

    • Large capacity washing machines, clothes dryers. 

    • Autoclaves from 75 - 2.000 liters 

    • Microclimate chambers. 

    • Herb Decoction Machines. 

    • Medical waste incinerators. 

    • Automatic Sterilization Lavabo from 1-10 tap. 

    • Central air conditioner systems. 

    • Clean air supply systems for operating rooms. 

Supplies and installs of single-purpose medical equipments, specially, equipment systems used in imaging diagnosis such as: 

    • The magnetic resonance imaging systems (MRI). 

    • Computed Tomography Systems (CT scanner). 

    • X-ray, digital X-ray systems. 

    • Ultrasound systems ....