Tuesday, 12-07-2021
Bidiphar- Pharmaceutical factories have achieved GMP-WHO standard; Laboratory system has achieved GLP standard; Pharmacy Storage system has achieved GSP standard; Distribution system has achieved GDP,GPP standard; Quality management system has achieved ISO 9001: 2008; Bidiphar's products are voted as Vietnamese high-quality products by consumers for many years
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To acknowledge of considerable contribution to the Pharmaceuticals & Economy Vietnam’s development, the collective and individual Bidiphar are honored to be awarded the greatest prizes as follows:

"Labor Medal Class III" presented by the President in 1995
“Silver Quality” awarded by Ministry of Science and Technology in 1996
"Labor Medal Class II"  presented by the President in 1999
"Labor Medal Class I"  presented by the President in 2003
“Organization Hero in the period of renewal” presented by the President in 2004
“The Quality And Prestige of Vietnam Company” awarded by Ministry of Trade in 2005 & 2006
“Vietnam Quality” in 2005
“Vietnam Land Yellow Star” in 2006
Golden Cup of Vietnam Brand Name in 2006
Golden Cup of Brand and Trademark second time in 2007
“For the Middle Area devotion in Pharmaceuticals field” in 2007
“ISO Gold Cup – Integration Key” presented by Ministry of Science and Technology in 2007
“Vietnam strong brand name” certified by The union of Vietnam Science and Technology associations in 2008
“Vietnam product in accord with WTO about intellectual property” certified by Vietnam Intellectual Property
      Association in 2008

“Golden Brand Name” awarded by Vietnam Association for Anti-counterfeiting and Trademark Protection in

Golden Brand Awards 2008 awarded by Ministry of Trade
Golden  Vietnam Company 2008 certified by Vietnam Enterprises Association 
Independence Medal Class III presented by the President in 2009
“For Vietnamese’s Health” presented by Ministry of Health Portal and Vietnam Medical Association in 2009
Golden Cup for Company Culture – By  Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
“Vietnam strong brand name 2010” – By Ministry of Trade 
Asian Represented Company – By Vietnam & Laos Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2011
Golden Cup of “ Vietnam Trademark – Science & Technology Applications” – By The union of Vietnam
     Science and Technology associations in 2011
“Golden Brand Name” – By Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2012
The top of Vietnam Famous Trademark in 2012  By Vietnam Association for Anti-counterfeiting and
     Trademark Protection
“A prestigious export Company” – By  Ministry of Industry and Trade from 2004 to 2012
“Vietnam high quality product” presented by consumers from 2004 to 2013
“Asian famous trademark” presented by Ministry of Industry and Trade of Laos, Ministry of Information,  
      Communications and Culture of Laos, Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology, and Associations of Vietnam
      agriculture enterprises in 2013

Besides, Mr. Nguyen Van Qua – Chairman of the board of Company & The managing director of Bidiphar Company – presented noble awards as follows:

“Labor Medal” presented by Laos in 2002
“Win many working achievements from 2001 to 2003” presented by the Prime Minister in 2004
“Labor Medal Class III” presented by the President in 2006
“Mind and talent businessman” – By Vietnam & Laos Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2011
“Labor Medal Class II” presented by the President in 2013
“An Excellent Manager in the renew period” – By Laos Ministry of Industry and Trade;   Laos Ministry of
      Information, Culture and Tourism; Vietnam Associations of Science and Technology; and Associations of
      Vietnam agriculture enterprises in 2013

“Represented Vietnam Businessman 2013”- By Vietnam Trade & Industry Department