Binh Dinh Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Company (Bidiphar) researches and produces food supplement from Oyster


Binh Dinh Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Company (Bidiphar) is executing project to produce food supplement from oyster in order to enhance value for products from oyster, then develop oyster farming and aquaculture in long-term, protect the environment in salt-marsh and brackish-marsh in Binh Dinh province.

Recently, the Aquaculture Research Institute III has successfully implemented the project “Research technical production for single clinging oyster kind and Pacific oysters and Muỗng oyster farming trials in Binh Dinh province”. The results of this project have been handed over to the Binh Dinh Aquaculture Seed Centre.

Bidiphar employee is controlling lyophilized machine for oyster meat..

Based on this project, Binh Dinh Aquaculture Seed Centre could produce seed of mentioned two kind oysters by them-selves. Oyster farming will develop because of the initiative of oyster seed. Currently, the oyster was cultured in De Gi and Thi Nai lagoon that create jobs for many households near to lagoon, reduce the aquatic product exploitability. Besides, oyster farming will reduce environmental pollution, stabilize the ecology and develop the aquaculture in long-term. 

Taking advantage of this project and create the stable output for oyster farming, Bidiphar has been implementing the project: “Building up a seed production model, oyster farming and processing food supplement from oyster in Binh Dinh”, was carried out from 2011 to 2014. This is a project belong to program “Supporting for the application and handing over scientific and technological breakthroughs to serve socio-economic development in rural and mountainous region from 2011 to 2015”.

After researching process, Bidiphar has built lyophilized processing from fresh oyster to oyster powder. This technique is a combination between principles of traditional extraction and freeze-dried (drying products in subzero temperatures), thus ensuring the quality of the oyster after processing. In the framework of this project, Bidiphar purchases fresh oyster, then collects,  processes, maintains, and transports them following a correct procedure from oyster farms in Thi Nai and De Gi lagoon.


Oyster is a type of bivalve mollusk that is valuable in many ways. Oyster farming will minimize pollution, treat waste water in aquaculture system, and balance the ecosystem. Oyster is also valuable in medicine and nutrition. Oyster meat contain 50% protein, Vitamin A, B1, B2, acid taurine and essential element: zinc, phosphorus, iron … Since oyster contains much Zinc, it can enhance the men vitality; Taurine in oyster is good for heart disease, blood pressure, Dyslipidemia people; beside, its amino acids have anti-fatigue effect, strengthen the immunity and increase metabolism…


Oyster meat that meets the quality standards will be ground smoothly, extracted with solvent at low temperature, concentrated under reduced pressure. After extracted, product will be freeze-dried immediately to ensure the nutrition quality of lyophilized oyster powder such as fresh oyster and avoid the infection. Freeze-dried oyster powder will be packaged in moisture-proof packaging and it will be used as raw materials for food supplement production. The quality of food supplement (contain be freeze-dried oyster powder equivalent 7,81g fresh oyster meat) is strictly controlled from raw material to product.
Master Pham Thi Thanh Huong – Deputy General Director of Bidiphar, said: “Food supplement from oyster was imported and sold in the market with a high price. The research showed that the cost of our product is cheaper than products made in China and New Zealand. This is the first product with raw materials are directly kept in Binh Dinh with strict process to ensure the quality and nutrition. Producing food supplement from oysters will get more value for products from oyster, then develop oyster farming and aquaculture in long-term”.
Bidiphar had a capsule production line with capacity of 30 million capsules per year with more than 20 products approved by Ministry of Health, including many products from animal and plant origin such as Hokminseng containing freeze-dried deer velvet, Hoạt huyết dưỡng não from Radix Polysciacis Spissum and Ginkgo Biloba glue, Nabee Gold with lyophilized royal jelly. In addition, Bidphar also has a food supplement production line certified hygiene and food safety. With available facilities, although the project has only been executing for one year, but the entire food supplement production process from oyster has been completed and put into test production. Expected in this year, food supplement called Oyster Pro will be widely sold in the market.

Source: Binh Dinh News

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