Bidiphar attending 4th ASEAN-USP scientific symposium


The 4th ASEAN‐USP Scientific Symposium was held in Da Nang, co‐hosted by the National Institute of Drug Quality Control of Vietnam, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the Asean Working Group on Pharmaceutical Development from June 16th-17th, 2014. It is an annual symposium in the goal of enhancing the development of measurement quality standards for medicine in Asean countries generally and in Vietvam specifically. With the topic of“ Strengthening collaborations towards Harmonization of Pharmaceutical Standards in Asean region”, it is a forum providing scientific information, liabilities, discussions on the measurements and experience exchanges to improve the quality of medicines; enhancing approaches to high-standard, science-based medicines and fortifying the drug quality.

In this symposium, BIDIPHAR has the honor to present on its new medicine development: “Cancer treatment medicine”, the verification and supervision of quality system in the company. MSc. Nguyễn Cao Thang, as a representative of BIDIPHAR, has made a presentation on “Development of freeze-dried Carpolatin injection and quality system”, which is highly valued by Members of USP and many international experts. It’s been proved that Bidiphar’s policy of advancements towards high-qualified, brand-new products with reasonable price and our priority settings for improving and maintaining a total good quality measurement system are definitely with the world integration trend. The symposium has taken place in the interesting and helpful spirit of harmonization between regional and international pharmacopeia, positively contributing to the people health caring, and the milestone goal of WHO.

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