Skilled staff, highly qualified and regularly trained
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Modern equipment and machinery, originating from advanced countries such as the US, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, ...
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More than 300 hundred medicinal and TPBVSK products with top quality
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Accelerated aging cabinets according to the required conditions of the market, modern lighting

Factory 01

With a production capacity of more than 1 billion product units per year, the Non-Betalactam workshop of Boston Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is proud to be a modern, advanced factory…

Factory 02

With a production scale of more than 500 million units/year, the Betalactam factory was licensed by the Ministry of Health to meet WHO GMP standards in July 2018 and officially went into operation.

Factory 03

The common goal of the workshop is to launch Betalactam antibiotic lines with high therapeutic efficiency, meeting the increasing needs of treatment and health care of the vast majority of people…

The purified water treatment system meets FDA standards, automatically operating and correcting errors when they arise.
All active ingredients and excipients are manufactured in countries such as the US, France, Germany, UK, Brazil, India, Czech Republic, Denmark, Vietnam, etc., meeting the standards according to Vietnam Pharmacopoeia IV. , V; US Pharmacopoeia 38-41; British Pharmacopoeia 2014-2019, European Pharmacopoeia 8.0-9.0, Japanese Pharmacopoeia VII, etc.

Modern HVAC system, controlled by advanced BMS.
Compressed air before entering the production area is dried and filtered to separate particles by a HAKINSON compressed air dryer.
The compressed air supply system for the factory includes 2 oil-free compressed air machines from Japan (Hitachi and Mitsuiseiki) that operate alternately, are environmentally friendly and highly efficient.