Thursday, 07-09-2020
Bidiphar- Pharmaceutical factories have achieved GMP-WHO standard; Laboratory system has achieved GLP standard; Pharmacy Storage system has achieved GSP standard; Distribution system has achieved GDP,GPP standard; Quality management system has achieved ISO 9001: 2008; Bidiphar's products are voted as Vietnamese high-quality products by consumers for many years

Bidiphar wins the Vietnam Drugs Star Prize 2014

In 2014, this is the first time that Drug Administration of Vietnam deploys the large traditional program – Vietnam Medicine Road – to all drug producing enterprises on the whole country. This program helps “Vietnamese gives priority to use Vietnam Drugs” project of Ministry of Health Portal become reality. Except for propaganda target, it gives the recognition of Pharmaceuticals’ development in the country; looks for or discovers and respects one hundred of Vietnam Drugs Stars (30 Vietnam companies and 70 Vietnam drug products) that doctor and patient have faith by prestige and quality.

Through Ministry of Health Portal’s criterions for selecting Viet Drugs Star, it is a great honor and proud that BIDIPHAR Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment Join Stock Company is one of the companies in country winning the prize of “Viet Drugs Star” with two representative products as follows: Lyophilized powder- SOLI-MEDON 40 and lyophilized powder- ORAPTIC. 

SOLI- MEDON 40 with Ingredient: Methylprednisolon 40mg is imported from Europe, strong antiphlogistic effect, quickly control the attack. SOLI- MEDON 40 is considered as Company’s main force product, and gains specialty doctor’s confidence in many years. Especially this product is the Scientific Research Project at State and also the first lyophilized powder one with active element- Methylprednisolon- at Vietnam market now.

Bidiphar đạt danh hiệu

ORAPTIC Ingredient: Omeprazole 40mg; effective treatment of inflammatory diseases - gastric ulcer, duodenal. Orapticis manufactured from materials imported from Europe, on line of lyophilized modern technology and strictly controlled from preparation to the final stage of product with a desire to bring the best treatment one to the patients. New product launched in 2010 but now has been trusted in many hospitals and health establishments nationwide.

Bidiphar đạt

After more than 30 years of development, Bidiphar has become one of the leading pharmaceutical Companies in Vietnam. The company has always taken the quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction as a motto to operate, taking the product’s difference as a competitive advantage. Besides, Company always recognize that reputation and cooperation in remuneration policies as business culture, getting quality human resources as the company’s efficiency; Bidiphar invests and give innovation of science and technology applications for the development momentum. Therefore, Bidiphar brand name has become accustomed and attached to consumers in the whole country. Prestigious prize "Vietnam drugs Star" in 2014 one more confirmed the position of the company, the impetus for company to the development effort, became Pharmaceutical Group manufactures and afford adequate supply essential medicines to serve people's health care, replace imported products, reduce health care costs for people.

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